Vivek Beeram

Plan II and Neuroscience

I am filled with gratitude as I look back to my last two years in this program and the next to come. Our higher-educational infancy is ending; we are coming into being in the world and I couldn’t ask for better people to do it with. The Dedman Program is filled with kind and passionate people each seeking to change their corner of the world, and my days are brightened every time I run into them.

This year, through the funding of the Dedman Program, I traveled to conferences on medical imaging. I was able to discuss my research with UTHSCSA on liver segment imaging with leaders in the field, and I took classes on computer vision and NN architecture which gave me tools I hope to apply in my future work. In my sophomore year, I’ve continued research in a computational neuroscience lab, worked as an EMT around Austin and San Antonio, and started a business working on novel approaches to memory care. I especially enjoyed my Intro to Philosophy and Neural Systems II courses. They each left me with many questions that I’m excited to pursue further in my studies this upcoming semester.

I hiked, climbed, fell (often), fought, finished a book I’ve been reading for 4 years, and made countless memories with wonderful people. I can’t wait to begin this junior year and continue our cohort’s breakfast roundtables and study sessions in the office.