Upon graduation Dedman Distinguished Scholars have gone on to enroll in the country’s best graduate programs, medical and law schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, University of Chicago, and MIT.  Dedman Scholars also compete for and win prestigious post baccalaureate scholarships.  Three have been awarded a British Marshall Scholarship, two a Harry S. Truman Scholarship, one a Rhodes Scholarship, and one a Hertz Foundation Fellowship and National Science Foundation Fellowship. 

Not only have Dedman alumni worked in presidential administrations, prestigious law firms, consulting agencies, engineering firms, and top universities, but many have pursued careers in non-profit and public service. Dedman Alumni also include physicians, architects, financial analysts, software engineers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, and designers, to name a few. Alumni stay connected through social media and occasional events on campus, and they are available for mentoring and networking with current students.

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